HDPIR high-density polyisocyanurate tube holder


The cold insulation pipe support can withstand various loads brought by the piping system and at the same time serve as a part of the cold insulation of the pipeline.

The cooling pipe support system mainly includes the following parts:

v Sliding cooling tube holder

v Guide cooling pipe support (including vertical pipe guide pipe support)

v Limit/fixed cooling pipe support

v Spacer system

Product features:

Product performance and technical indicators

(1) Cold insulation material

The cold insulation material is the most important part of the cold insulation tube holder. The cold insulation material of the Zhenshen cold insulation tube holder uses high-density polyisocyanurate (HDPIR). High-density polyisocyanurate is made of isocyanate and polyether as the main raw materials, plus foaming agent, catalyst and fire retardant, after high-speed stirring and mixing reaction, the foam has the characteristics of plastic, rubber and cork. Polymer. The bubble body is composed of thousands of tiny and uniform independent cells, forming a body honeycomb structure. Its high density, low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, and better texture than wood.

Physical properties


Technical indicators

Average density








Thermal Conductivity(20℃)








Compressive strength (normal temperature)








Volumetric water absorption








Closed cell rate



Linear expansion coefficient




Operating temperature


(2) Other auxiliary materials

In addition to the main cold insulation materials, the cold insulation pipe support can also be equipped with the following auxiliary materials according to requirements: moisture-proof layer, metal protective layer, rubber sheet, metal pipe clamp, bolt and nut, butterfly spring, cold insulation washer, PTFE sliding pair , Vapor barrier, etc., to meet the design needs and ensure the safe and reliable use of the pipe support.



Mainly used in petrochemical plants, liquefied gas plants, cold storage and central air-conditioning system pipelines, equipment load-bearing and heat insulation.

Packaging and storage

The pipe support pad is assembled in the factory, wrapped in a black polyethylene bag, and packed in a wooden box.

Use and precautions

(1) The complete assembly of the tube bracket and the cushion block is completed, and then assembled after disassembly on site.

(2) Installation is carried out according to the requirements of the manual.