Glass fiber elastic blanket


The TextraFINE® glass fiber elastic blanket produced by American ANCO Products Company uses a special process to bond thin glass fibers together in random directions. The binder is a special thermosetting resin. The manufactured glass fiber blanket has outstanding mechanical properties such as resilience and tensile strength. ANCO can provide products of various thicknesses and densities according to customer requirements.

Product features:

Product performance and technical indicators

Physical characteristics


Technical parameters

Average density



Binder content



Average tensile strength



thermal conductivity



Resilience coefficient


Water content



Low temperature resistance


Dimension tolerance

Width: +7mm ,-0mm, length: +2%, -0%

Expanded thickness: +15mm, -0mm




Regular thickness


75, 85, 100, 150



According to user needs

The sizes listed in the above table are common sizes. If there are special requirements for product sizes, they can be customized.

Product Application

TextraFINE glass fiber blanket has a wide range of applications, suitable for heat preservation and cold preservation of various storage tanks and equipment. ANCO TextraFINE has been widely used in double-wall LNG storage tanks, LPG storage tanks, liquid nitrogen storage tanks and other projects around the world.


Packaging and storage

(1) Store in a dry environment, indoor storage is strictly prohibited open storage.

(2) The inner packaging bag is made of polyethylene film, and the outside is thickened with polyethylene sheath.

Use and precautions

(1) Hooks or other tools with sharp corners that can pierce the packaging or materials shall not be used during loading and unloading.

(2) Auxiliary tools such as ropes and splints can be used to prevent the elastic blanket from breaking during use.