Jiaxing Kaijie Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd

Jiaxing Kaijie Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd was founded in 1967 and covers an area of 22,585 square meters. It is a professional company that develops and manufactures cold insulation materials and is the first professional company in my country to produce cold insulation materials such as foam glass. At present, there are 61 professional production personnel, 11 engineering and technical personnel, and 12 management personnel. The company has strong technical force, complete testing, and has testing equipment including oxygen index detectors. The company produces Nanhu brand series of thermal insulation materials. The varieties include: foam glass products, polyurethane rigid foam, high-strength polyurethane tube holders, black and white mastic, cryogenic adhesives, and wear-resistant agents. Annual production capacity: 10,000m of foam glass, 25,000m³ of rigid polyurethane foam, 5,000m³ of high-strength polyurethane pipe support, 2,000 tons of mastic, 2,000 tons of adhesives-FG, PU, TN-1, etc., and 180 tons of anti-wear agents, the earliest in China , The cold insulation supporting enterprise with the most complete varieties and the largest production volume. Products are widely used in large enterprises such as steel, oil refining, ethylene, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, wine making, and cold storage.

Our company has been assessed by China Petrochemical Corporation as a recommended supplier of thermal insulation materials and a recommended supplier of thermal insulation materials for the petrochemical industry over the years. Foam glass won the silver award at the National "Double New Technology Expo" in 1995. In recent years, the variety has been continuously improved, the quality has been gradually improved, the management of the company has been continuously standardized, and the corporate image has been further improved. The company has passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification.

Jiaxing Kaijie Anticorrosive Insulation Engineering Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Kaijie Anticorrosive Thermal Insulation Engineering Co., Ltd. undertakes the construction of industrial facilities and equipment anticorrosive and cold insulation projects. It is a professional enterprise integrating design, consulting and installation, and has a large professional team of anticorrosive and thermal insulation installation and construction. There are 86 professional cold insulation construction personnel, including 8 project managers and 31 engineering and technical personnel. They have strong technical force, standardized management, and excellent construction quality, which have been widely praised by customers. Over the years, our company has served Shanghai Gaohua, Shanghai Jinshan, Beijing Yanshan, Nanjing Yangzi, Tianjin Ethylene, Maoming Ethylene, Guangzhou Ethylene, Jihua Ethylene, Puyang Ethylene, Daqing Petrochemical Plant, Jingmen Petrochemical Plant, Lanzhou Petrochemical Plant , Dushanzi Refinery, Maoming Refinery, Fujian Refinery, Zhenhai Petrochemical Plant, Wujing Chemical Plant, Shanghai Chlor-Alkali, Jinxi Refinery, Fushun Petrochemical Company, Dalian Petrochemical Company, Chuantian Chemical, Yuntian Chemical, Shanghai Tianhua, Project 816, Linyuan Oil Refinery, Jiujiang Fertilizer, Weinan Fertilizer, Urumqi Fertilizer, Yinchuan Fertilizer, Panzhihua Iron and Steel, Antong, Nantong Acetate Fiber Co., Ltd. and Xianju Pharmaceutical, Hangzhou Pesticide Factory, Daishan Cold Storage, Jiaxing Cold Storage, etc. The unit conducts material supply, construction and installation, and agrees that the product is excellent, the construction is excellent, and the after-sales service is good. It is well received by users and has a good reputation.


  • Company Vision

    It has certain uniqueness in R&D design, internal improvement, integration of resources, and value creation.

    Operating Strategy

    Innovate management, Create value


Mutual support can overcome challenges, unity and cooperation can create a better future

Support each other to overcome challenges

Unity and cooperation can create a better future

First-class hardware facilities provide a strong guarantee for excellent product quality. Modern production workshops and scientific and standardized operating procedures enable the company to continue to march into international formal enterprises.

We insist on a complete production chain, high-quality production, superb craftsmanship and technology.

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